We’re Here!!!

welcome homeAs we walked through the doors out of the secure area of the airport, these signs greeted us, plastered up against the glass.  Welcome Home!  This IS our home now for the next ____ years.  When we got off the plane, we were not just visiting but we are here for good now.  Still doesn’t seem real.  Over the past 2 days we would say to each other, can you believe we’re in Uganda?!

So, it’s home now.  We still haven’t actually gone to our house where we are going to live.  We are spending some time in Kampala with friends so we can see our babies at Sanyu Babies Home.  And speaking of that……

We visited there Sunday and today and got to see the little angels.  They have changed some since January- especially the two youngest.  They are now a little over a year old and are walking.  So good to see them again!  They were happy to see us too.  Some of the momma’s told the children your momma and daddy are here.  That made us feel good!

And today we got a chance to meet with the director and talk some about the whole fostering thing.  I went in with low expectations- just not sure about the whole procedure, availability, etc.  Once again God proved faithful and I felt ashamed that my faith was so small.  The director sounded very positive about the whole thing.  They have regained contact with the mother since she abandoned the children.  She wanted her children back but is not willing to work and support them.  Just last week when the social worker went for a visit the mother had just given birth to a newborn 3 days before.  She had no idea who the father was and her father was upset with her because he gets stuck supporting everyone.

So it definitely looks positive.  She went over the documents we need to get.  One of them was a police report that we secured in the states before we left.  (Thank you Bob Guesno!)  We got it for the purpose of securing work visas but it will come in very handy now for acquiring the children.  Realistically, it may take us 3-4 weeks to get everything together.  After that, the social worker from the baby home will need to come for a visit to our house also.  We can’t help but get a little more excited every day!

Other than that, Uganda is good.  We haven’t experienced too much yet.  Recovering from the long trip has occupied a good bit of our time.  The flight was uneventful- always a good thing.  =)  We landed in Entebbe a little after 2:30 AM Sunday morning.  After going through customs and getting our luggage- which, by the way, all made it- we saw some familiar faces as we exited the airport.

A little before 4:00 we were headed for Kampala.  After getting to the house and unloading the luggage, we spent some time catching up, eating jerky, and deciding if and when we were going to go to church.  We finally decided to go to the 12 noon service and headed to bed about 7:00!

The service was amazing!  The worship songs ministered to us and we took communion as well.  It was a really neat experience- kind of like driving a stake and recommitting our lives in service for Him who gave His life for us.  Thanks so much for all your prayers as we embarked on our journey.  God bless you all!!