Week in Review

It’s been a little over a week now since we relocated. Last Friday we made the trip from our home at Musana Camp to a new place- Kasana Children’s Center.  Kasana is New Hope’s original location, near Luwero.


Every missionary who joins New Hope goes through a 5 month training program at some point. It is called Institute of Childcare and Family. So from now until the end of May we are doing this training. We are staying in a house that is empty while the family is in the states on furlough.


So…… before we came we were really not too eager about the move. After living in the country for over a year and being very involved at camp, it was hard to uproot and make the move. Trying to tie up loose ends around the camp, combined with the holidays, combined with packing some things to bring here and other things going into storage….. it all made the weeks leading up to the move very stressful. Upon arriving and getting somehow settled (that’s my Ugandan lingo coming out!), we enjoyed a couple days of r&r before beginning the week of classes. By the time we finished class on Monday, we felt like the Lord had us here for a reason and we would be ok through it all. Our class is made up of many different tribes (within Uganda) and nations. A lady from India, one from England, some folks from Alaska, another couple from USA feeling called to unreached people groups in Burma…. a real assortment that God has assembled here!


So our classes are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 1:00. Following lunch, we get back to the house around 2:00. The rest of the day is spent reading/studying, interacting with Stella (still need some family time), cooking supper, cleaning up, keeping house and all the things that go with that!! So there’s not really  a dull moment to be found. Stella stays at the house while we go to class. A Ugandan woman (Kizza) comes to the house and stays with her while we are gone. When school starts again, the first Monday in February, Kizza will help Stella  with schoolwork. Angela has been homeschooling her and Stella is doing very well learning English and some math. She is starting to put letters together to make words. Hopefully with a little more work, she will soon be reading.


This past Wednesday started our New Hope staff envisioning. It’s a one week event (ending this Tuesday Jan. 20) where the whole staff body comes together for fellowship and training. Pastor Brian Watts from Canada is our speaker. During this time, institute meets together with everyone else. So after only 2 days and a brief introduction, institute classes are kind of put on hold. Most of what we’ve done so far has been taking turns sharing our testimonies. I think only about 9 or 10 people shared so far (out of 26) but the recurring theme has been that regardless of background, tribe, or nation- our stories have a lot of similarities. The verse in Corinthians that tell us any temptation or trial that we go through is not unique to only us, has been seen over and over. And God’s faithfulness as well- not allowing us to go through more than we are able to bear- has been evident in the stories also. We are looking forward to getting to know everyone more over the next 19 weeks and making new friends from all around the world!!!


Thanks to all of you for remembering us here in Uganda. We appreciate your interest in how God is using us here. Thank you for your past prayers and thank you in advance for the continuing ones as well. May God bless and use you where you are. Send us a message, respond with a comment, write us a letter (we can receive snail mail here!)- let us know what God is doing in your life!! We’d love to hear from you.