The BIG day!!!!

Well today is the big day!  Excited, nervous, anxious, excited, scared, a little torn, excited, ready, did I mention EXCITED!!!!!!!!!  Wow, doesn’t hardly seem real.  We’ve flown before and stepped off the plane in Africa but this time it will be our home.

We’ve had some people asking questions and wondering what exactly is going on so I thought I’d try to clear some things up.  We are patnering with an established ministry called New Hope Uganda.  They do a host of things there at 3 different locations- check out the link at the top of our page.   We will be working at Musana Camps.  It is just what it sounds like- they do summer camps for kids.  I (KB) will be doing a lot of construction.  The camp is only about 3 years old so they are still developing the program as well as the property.

We are responsible to raise our own funding.  I’m not good at this part (asking for money) but as you think of us, go to our donate tab on the right side and donate money by following the prompts on the screen.  Be sure to designate your gift for foreign missionary support and write our names in the comment box.  Definitely keep us in prayer, too.  We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is where God wants us but I’m sure there will be some rough spots along the way.

One more thing I need to share then I’ll let you go.  The people that bought our house took us out for brunch the other day.  During the course of conversation they wondered if we had heard how they found out about our house being for sale.  We had not so here’s the story:

They saw a house advertised for sale in Castile on Mill St.  (Now some of you have no visual so that is about 3 miles or more from our house.)  They put the address in the address in their GPS and went to see this place.  As they drove down 39 it said “turn right on East Lake Road”.  Continuing down the road it said “turn left on Lakeshore Drive”.  Reaching the campground directly across the road from our house it said “you have reached your destination”.  They pulled in to the parking lot and tried to figure out what was going on.  One of them looked across the yard, saw a  for sale sign in our front yard, and said that looks like a nice place.  We should check that out.  So they wrote down the phone number from the sign and the rest is history!!!

Now you may not believe in God and you may say that is just weird or freaky or dumb luck.  You can call it what you want but we know what it really is.  That’s ANSWERED PRAYER!!!!!  We’d been praying that God would send someone to buy our house but had no idea that He would use GPS -God’s prayer system -to do it!

God bless you all and keep us in your prayers.   KB & Angela