Renewing old/Making new friendships!

As most of you know we are back in the states for a short time. We have been overwhelmed and thankful to all of you who opened you homes to us, the meals, friendships and kindness. It has been a true blessing and we thank the Lord for each of you.

We have seen God working in hearts and prayers being answered. We have returned from our “west” trip and it was an exciting time! We met old friends and made some new ones as well. Many people enjoyed the crafts that were made available by the village women of Nalamuli. We were blessed by everyone’s generosity no matter where we went.

We got a few donations for the house which we are responsible to build for us. We plan to start building as soon as we return. We are hoping to build a 1050 square foot house. The cost will be approximately $27 per square foot. If you are interested in contributing to it you can do so at the donation button on our blog.

Special thank you to our friend Cindy Macey for allowing us to use her car for our trip. We were so blessed by this huge act of generosity! Thanks to everyone who hosted us for meals and/or spending the night.

The rest of our time in the states will be spent between our families and friends in Pa or Ny. We will be at a cabin with Angela’s family for a weekend and then spend a weekend in SC with KB’s family. We are looking forward to our return home to Uganda on July 12.