Our Newest Addition!!

Where do I start? I have been wanting to update our blog a while ago but so much has been happening these last few weeks and days. It’s hard for me to put into words the feelings and the emotion of my heart. There are updates and prayer requests that we do want you to know about, so here it goes….

Back in July I wrote a blog about a young girl named Stella. Some of you may have read that and have been praying for her. Thank you!

For the last few months she has been coming to our home every day for schooling. I’m not much of a teacher but was homeschooled and always wanted to homeschool our children if we would have any. Stella has been doing very well with learning. She has never gone to school, so we had to start at the very beginning. She is doing well with learning and speaking English. She loves math and that just so happens to be my worst subject, so KB might have to eventually take over in teaching that. 🙂 Most recently Stella has been learning to put letters together to make words. One day when she spelled dad and mom she said “me… no mom, no dad… you, KB me mom and dad”. Those words pierced my heart and I had to fight back the tears. This young girl was admitting that she knew she had parents but they didn’t want her and was basically asking us to be her parents.

The last few months we have been building a closer relationship with her, and God was showing us to have her join our family. Finally, the day came when we talked to Stella about shifting (moving) into our home. (Since May she was living with the cook that is here at the camp). Stella is now living with us and she has been such a joy to have around. It’s so fun having her try/see new things and many times throughout the day she says “what’s that”? She has the sweetest little giggle and can be found rolling on the floor laughing about simple crazy things…like KB and I saying or pronouncing the wrong word in Luganda. Yeah, that can be funny!! 🙂  It’s so fun to see her happy and smiling!!

She has shared a few things with us about her past, bad memories that I would love to erase from her memory. If you did read my blog about Stella -the part when she came to visit me and after lunch she went back to the village…Well, she told me while we were sitting chatting the other week…that after she returned to her aunt that day, she had to go 3 days without eating locked in a dark room, received a beating and had fire (stick that was burning) placed on both her shoulders- as a punishment for coming to see me. With tears running down my face I hugged this little girl and silently prayed for God to not allow me to become angry towards her aunt who I know and have visited several times. How can a person have such a cold, mean heart to hurt a child?

I just want to take away her pain and hurt and feelings of being unloved. I try my best to explain to her that even though we don’t understand why all this happened to her, that God loves her so very much and even when she was struggling, He was taking care of her and protecting her. She has such a forgiving spirit and does love Jesus so much. She can’t wait to learn to read so that she can have a Bible. I know God is going to use Stella in some way and I can’t wait to see the plans God has for this beautiful girl! She is a true blessing.

Yes, I never thought that our first child would come to us at the age of 14. That is not how it is normally done. We have not even been married that long. I wanted to start with a baby or a very young child. BUT, who am I to plan our family. When we pray for God to bless us with a child/children do I really trust that He knows best? How could I ever say to a child “we don’t want you because you are too old”? We are placed here on earth for one reason only –TO DO GODS WILL!!!! It’s not about how I think it should or should not be, as long as what we do is done for God and building His kingdom.


PLEASE PRAY – (Just giving you some specific things to pray about).

  • That as we pursue adoption that if it God’s will there would be no closed doors.
  • We know that there is relatives but at this time no one has been interested in taking care of her and she has no desire to go to them. (She does not want to see any of her relatives). So just pray that they would not try to stand in the way and make it difficult.
  • As white people adopting a colored child sometimes relatives try to get money out of the whole process.
  • Also, that we would be able to get her a visa so she can go back to America with us on our next visit and meet you in 2016.

We know God will take care of all the details! Thank you for all the prayers!!