Just an update!

Hello Friends!

Once again it is way past time for an update. Life here seems to go fast and before we know it months have gone past leaving you with no updates. Some of you may wonder at times if we are still alive, while others might not even remember who we are…just kidding ???? We do appreciate each of you back “home” supporting us and lifting us up in prayer.

So now for some updates….

We have finished our 5 months of training the end of May (most of you were aware that we were attending that) and we have now moved back to our home at Musana Camps. God has been speaking to us about our “daughter” Stella and her education. Some of you may remember that she never had schooling until coming to live with us. While we were doing our training at Kasana – part of new Hope Uganda, she attended the Christian school there. Plan was that when we came back home I would homeschool her. We started realizing that God was wanting us to hold her with open hands, being willing to let His plan for her life unfold not our plan for her life. Homeschooling her right now would be using American curriculum and because she is 14 with little schooling and knowledge of her own language and Country. We felt it was best for her to continue her schooling there at Kasana to at least finish out this year. So, she is now living with a wonderful family that we know there and is doing very well with school. We pray that she will work hard to learn and hopefully be able to jump ahead some grades to catch up where she should be. She is excited to learn and it helps to ease the hurt of having her away when we know she is excited about school. We will visit her occasionally and then pick her up in August when they have school break and bring her home for three weeks. We do miss having her around here – praying, singing, talking and the list goes on. It’s hard to let go of a child you love, entrusting them into someone else’s care. But we are reminded that each one belongs to God and he loves them so much more then we ever could. We are excited to see the plan Stella’s Heavenly Father has for her, as she continues to grew in the knowledge of who He is and of His love for her.

***Please continue to pray for paper work to go through so that we can acquire Legal Guardianship for Stella. We need that for her to be allowed to enter USA with us on our next unscheduled visit to the states in Fall of 2016. 

     Praise Report!! God has provided the funds for our house to be built. We are overwhelmed by His faithfulness, provision and goodness. We are now in the process of painting windows, putting on screens, painting door frames and other odds and ends getting it completed to hopefully move into the end of July. We are ready to have more room to spread our wings (or I should say- arms and legs). So let us know when you want to come visit…we have the space for you and will even grill you some fresh fish from Lake Victoria.

Last week couldn’t come fast enough as we went to the airport to pick up my (Angela’s) cousin Aaron. Our first relative to step foot in Uganda. He will be staying with us for 1 year helping out at the camp and with our house till it is finished. We are so thankful for his willingness to follow God’s leading to come here and serve. Keep him in your prayers as he continues to adjust to life in a different country and culture.

It is hard to contain our excitement as we look forward to my parents coming for a visit in September and staying for 4 weeks!! We look forward to spending time with them as they experience Uganda life with us. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to leave and travel over here.

     The ministry here at Musana Camps is going well. The year was started off busy with hosting groups which we are very thankful for all who came. (We were not here for the first part of the year because of our training so can’t update to much about that.) We are also thankful for God’s provisions for 3 cabins to be in the process of being built so we can house more campers. Check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/musanacamps and our website www.musanacamps.com for updates on what has been happening around here.

Now that we are back I will start working with the ladies in local villages again. After they stopped making craft items while I was gone they are eager to start working again, making items to sell to help support their families and pay school fees for their children. Its amazing to see how God is opening doors and working through this ministry to reach these people and it is exciting to see what He is going to continue to do in their lives. We just recently opened an etsy shop. Check out the website www.etsy.com/shop/wovenheartsofhope  Also “like” our www.facebook.com/wovenhearts14

      Sunday school has been going great sometimes we have new little faces come around which is exciting. We have also had new adults start to attend church which is so encouraging and we pray that lives will be changed as they hear the truth of the gospel.

****Please pray for the funds to come that we can build a pavilion type building to be used for our Sunday school. Right now we are just outside sitting at tables. Last week our younger class was attacked by driver ants which bite the children’s feet. We had to relocate them sitting on the ground in a different area. I just pray for a building that has a roof and cement floor so the children have a safe and secure room for learning. PLEASE PRAY and ask how you can get involved!! 

     Well, that will be all for now.

     May God bless each of you as you follow God’s leading on your life and serve Him where He has planted you. Your labour done for Him is not in vain.

     In Christ and ALL for Christ!

~The Blanks