Journey to our New Home!!

As the tires left the hard surface road, we had no idea what lay ahead.  We had been told that the journey to the camp was a long one but nothing actually prepared us for it.  As kilometer after kilometer ticked off, the only thing we saw was more red dirt and more trees and bush.  Part way there, our driver, who has spent a little over a year in Uganda, said “This is the furthest I’ve been into the bush!”  Comforting words for 2 people who were about to embark on their new journey into the unknown.

As we rounded another corner we would come upon a village- and not just a couple houses but a village of maybe 1000 people!  We wondered where they all came from?  And then kilometer after kilometer (that’s something to get used to saying) with nothing but bush and dirt roads again.  Again, a little village would pop up.  This continued for almost 2 hours until we finally arrived at our new home.

We soon found out that our cell phones had none to very little service from our house.  We do not have internet yet but we’re told that it probably won’t work for anything other than simple email.  We were also told that the nearest market (where we could buy fruits and vegetables) is an hour away but that the really good ones are in Kampala (2.5 hour drive) or Jinja (2 hour drive).  All that was too much for us to process and we began to have a meltdown!  Shawn talked and prayed with us Friday before he left and had some encouraging words for us.  He told us we will do fine- we’ll be ok.  We felt a tiny bit better but later that day we still had a good cry as we held each other, wondering what in the world God was doing, bringing us way out here!

We had dinner and a movie with the Jackson family and some other Ugandan staff and then went to bed.  Saturday afternoon we walked up the hill less than 5 minutes and made phone calls back to our family and some friends.  After that we felt a lot better- it seemed like maybe we were not so far away after all.  When we returned to our house we stood out on our porch and watched some monkeys jumping from tree to tree. We were once again reminded of God’s beautiful creation.

Angela made a wonderful meal of rice with a veggie sauce stirred in. She is trying to get used to our non – Americanized kitchen.  We also had fresh pineapple and we split a huge avocado!  Delicious.  After we cleaned up we finished our day watching a movie in bed (we don’t have any other furniture here yet).

A need that we do have here is a vehicle.  One was made available to us that will meet our needs- a Toyota Forerunner type SUV.  It seats 8 people so we will be able to put the 5 children in when we get them and it is 4 wheel drive to navigate the long rough road leading back to the camp.  The price is a reasonable, $6,000.  We are asking if anyone feels led to donate specifically to this they can contribute by giving to Old Paths Chapel and specifying “Vehicle for Kevin and Angela”.  For those who would send money, the address is Old Paths Chapel, 181 South Main Street, Perry NY, 14530.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we adjust to life here at camp and continue serving Christ in Uganda.  Remember, we are all working for His kingdom, no matter where we are!  God Bless.