Another week with God stories!

This week was amazing! Yes, not everything went perfect but to see God’s hand working in so many areas brings a smile to my face.

Why do we ever doubt or question? God tells us “take no thought for tomorrow”. He already knows our/the future we are to take His hand and follow His leading.

It’s the little things … It’s God stories…Like these…

•Holding a not even 2 day old naked baby boy that has no clothes. Then remembering someone blessed me with baby clothes to use as needed. That baby now has some clothes and the mother was so blessed.

•Going to visit a new village to greet Noreen. A woman that comes to the church here with her son. She cooked some eggs for us to eat and was so happy to show me her home. With tears in her eyes couldn’t get done thanking me for coming to visit her. I also had tears in my eyes thanking God for these opportunities. Such a sweet lady who’s husband is not saved but she prays for him. Will you also pray for William?

•Going down to Nalumuli village and having the children run to me with arms opened wide for a hug. It blesses me to hear the children ask to oku-yimba (sing) or to pray and play. Which we always do!

•My heart melts when a mother tell me her son cries if she tells him to fetch water on a Sunday morning, because he just wants to get ready for Sunday school.

•To find out that a 2 week old baby is no longer able to breast feed because his mother found out she has AIDS. However, someone blessed me with formula and a bottle to use as needed. That little baby is now getting fed. Please pray for that family!

•Saturday God answered a prayer of ours and provided a boat. KB, myself and 3 short term guys here at the mission were going to visit some islands. We were told some have never had white people on them. We wanted to greet the people and see the needs. Wow, what an experience…small islands with around 500 people or so on each. Many, many children. One has a school. No clinics on any of them, they say if a person gets sick – they just die if they don’t have money to go by boat to a clinic.  I pray for God to break my heart for what breaks His, my heart was broken. Not because of their small houses and lacking of “things”, but for them all to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Praying for God to provide and in His timing to start an Island Ministry. So thankful for that day of meeting new people.

•Some of you might know I have started working with the local ladies on a more personal level. I have been encouraging them to make crafts / baskets, floor mats, hot mats, dolls , balls, ropes, etc… I want them to make items to sell to help support their families and pay school fees. It is not good for them to depend on the muzungu “white person” to give them money. These ladies have so much talent and gifts for making things. We have been buying the items from them as of now and will be bringing them back to the states. Yes, some of you will get a chance to see and purchase beautiful items that these Ugandan women made by hand. They get so excited to show me another basket completed or a new design. Some are teaching their daughters now also. I pray for God to work in these ladies lives and that they would come to know Him, some are already born-again. God has big plans for these women and their families. I’m excited to see what they will be.

These are just some stories that I hope will touch your heart. Please be in prayer about each of the different situations. We don’t know what this week will bring forth but we continue to be amazed at all God is doing. It’s not at all about my husband or I and what we do. It’s about God and what He is doing!! We are only willing to be used as His hands and feet.

Also keep the camp in prayer this week. We have a group of 30 young teens here for a four day camp- until Thursday morning. It’s exciting to finally have another group here.

Much love to each of you from us in Uganda, Africa 🙂