Her Name Is Stella

My heart aches for Stella – a little 13 year old girl that needs prayer and love! I met her when going to visit the children in the nearby village. She comes to Sunday school and wants to learn about Jesus. It was early one morning when there was a soft knock on my door. Opening the door, there was Stella huddled over and shaking. She had a note for me written in English explaining that she didn’t feel well and if I could treat her. Bringing her inside to the couch I took her temperature (she had a slight fever) and got her a drink of water. She only knows very little English and doesn’t speak so much, so we communicated through one of my Luganda books. I would point to the words when talking to her. After making her some oatmeal for breakfast, which she ate right down like she had not eaten for days, I  got her a pillow and blanket and told her to rest for awhile. She slept for 2 hours. When she woke up I told her she needs to go back home because her parents will be worried about her. She started crying but didn’t say anything. I went and got a Ugandan girl that was helping wash laundry at camp and asked her to come translate for Stella and I. Stella told us that her mother died and her father abandoned her. She lives in the village with her aunt who is not nice and beats her. She has never gone to school because her aunt cannot afford to pay for schooling. With tears streaming down her face, she said, “I don’t want to go. I just want to stay with Auntie Angela.” My heart broke – this little girl had been through so much. I could see pain in her eyes and emptiness in her heart.  What could I do? It was lunch time and KB came home. While sharing with him about Stella I made rice and beans with vegetables. Again, Stella ate like she had not eaten for days and was starving. When we finished eating I took her out to the top of trail to go down to the village and told her it was time for her to go home. She hung onto me and cried. I wrote a note for her to take along down saying that Stella was feeling better and that she did nothing wrong coming to see me so she didn’t need a beating. I  prayed over her that God would protect her and soften her aunts heart so she would not be mad and beat her. With tears streaming down my face I watched Stella with her head hanging low as she walked down the trail. You may ask why I didn’t walk her home. I did not want to get between her and the aunt and make it look like I was siding with Stella and then cause trouble. God knows Stella and He loves and cares for her more then I could. I knew all I could do was pray, so pray I did!! The next day when I went to the village I met Stella’s aunt and talked with her awhile about Stella. I told her about the crafts that the ladies were starting to make to help pay school fees and support their children. I encouraged her to start making baskets because I wanted her to send Stella to school. She agreed and Stella started going to school and learned how to make baskets too. How delighted I was to see this little girl starting to smile more often and she seemed more excited about life. When the day came for us to come to the states for a few months, Stella was so sad. She hugged me and cried. I explained to her that I would be back and that I wanted her to continue to go to school, Sunday school, and be a good girl. A few weeks ago I got an email telling me that Stella came up to the camp all bruised and beaten. She did something wrong and her aunt beat her. At this time she is staying with the cook at the camp who is a Ugandan lady  and there are some staff teaching her numbers, letters, and how to read. I recently received another email the other day that there are some people at the mission trying to find out information about Stella’s family and they continue to get a dead end. Her aunt does not want her back and could care less about her. I don’t know what God has planned for this precious girl but one thing I do know- He does love her even though life doesn’t make sense. He sees and cares. We are anxious to get back to Uganda. First thing I will do is go hug my girl Stella – crazy how someone you don’t know for long can grab ahold of your heart and leave an imprint. My heart aches to think of this little girl along with many more that don’t know a mommy and daddy or have a place to call home. When God brings her to your mind please pray for her and her future!!! God is good ALL the time!!