Hello Friends

Just a quick post everyone. As you know our computer was stolen a couple weeks ago. Some suspicious activity was brought to our attention by a friend. They received a suspicious email alert regarding a new post. I don’t believe it could come through the blog because you need to login with a username and password to do anything. However our email had many contacts saved and some of you would have been in our email contacts also. If you receive anything with a link to something odd, don’t open it. We have never and will never send you anything like that! Our Facebook would have been accessible also because we were logged in but we have since changed our password and logged out of all devices. So, I don’t believe anyway needs to be alarmed by just be aware. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience. God bless. Also, as a side note and prayer request- we came to Jinja yesterday again (two weeks after our car was broken into). The car would not start after arriving here and stopping at a petrol station. We spent all day- literally- working on it. After being unsuccessful my mechanic from Kampala made the trip here and arrived at 11:15 pm. We got a room to spend the night and he, along with 2 others, went to work. About 12:40 am I got a call from him. The engine was blown- for lack of a better term since I’m not a mechanic. Something with rings and the turbo and letting oil through. So it will be a major overhaul and we will be without our car for a while. So pray for us! We feel a bit like we’re going through all kinds of things- struggles, trials, testings, whatever you want to call it. But God is good- all the time! Thanks friends!