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Update….. finally!

Hello again friends! Where has the summer gone? It's hard to believe that it has been 3 months since our visit to the states and our return to Uganda. After a week or so to settle in, we jumped right back into life here at camp. The ladies had been busy making baskets while we were gone so we were met with many crafts soon after our return. It wasn't long until our "pile" grew and we are still trying to catch up in finding buyers for them all. Just recently we were able to send some more back

Her Name Is Stella

My heart aches for Stella - a little 13 year old girl that needs prayer and love! I met her when going to visit the children in the nearby village. She comes to Sunday school and wants to learn about Jesus. It was early one morning when there was a soft knock on my door. Opening the door, there was Stella huddled over and shaking. She had a note for me written in English explaining that she didn't feel well and if I could treat her. Bringing her inside to the couch I took her temperature (she

Renewing old/Making new friendships!

As most of you know we are back in the states for a short time. We have been overwhelmed and thankful to all of you who opened you homes to us, the meals, friendships and kindness. It has been a true blessing and we thank the Lord for each of you. We have seen God working in hearts and prayers being answered. We have returned from our "west" trip and it was an exciting time! We met old friends and made some new ones as well. Many people enjoyed the crafts that were made available by the village

Back in the States

Hello Friends, We've safely arrived back in the states. We flew in Wednesday, April 30. Our flights went well except the flight from Chicago to Rochester was cancelled due to weather. We spent the night at a hotel in Chicago and finished our flight the next day. The first week was spent in New York with KB's family. We spent a lot of time playing games and just visiting with our parents and his sister's family. It was great to see everyone at Thursday night study and again on Sunday morning at

Return to the States

To all our friends and family out there.... Looking forward to seeing at least some of you soon! After 8 months in Uganda we are returning for a short time. We would love to see everyone and share more with you about our ministry there. We will be doing some traveling- Michigan, Wisconsin, South and North Dakotas, Minnesota. Love to touch base with our Lancaster friends sometime. We have some needs that we would appreciate help with. We need to purchase another computer (ours was stolen in February)