Brown eyes, big smiles and sunshine!!

This past Wednesday here at Musana Camp we planned an outreach day for all the surrounding village children. We were told from our contacts to expect over 200 children to attend. When the time arrived for the children to show up there were none to be seen. So phone calls were made and we were all told that unfortunately because of school exams and finishing up school for the Christmas holiday, many children would not be coming now. Feeling disappointed and talking about rescheduling for a different day, a phone call was made to one more village. (This village is the closest to us and the one that Kevin and I have been going to and connecting with). After being told that yes, there were children from there heading over to camp, we soon saw many excited brown eyes and big smiles coming in our direction. DSC_0141DSC_0125

We started our fun afternoon by introducing each other, praying, singing songs and dancing (these little children love to dance and I love to dance with them)!! We played many games that they knew and introduced them to new ones. Duck-duck-goose is a favorite along with ring-around the-rosy. When playing the first game they loved touching my head and saying “goose” just so I would chase them. When we played the second game they all wanted to hold my hand and we would have to take turns holding hands because of that. Made me feel loved and the smile on my face got bigger. Other games were London bridges falling down, down the river and a crocodile game. After many laughs and feeling exhausted from playing and running in the sun we gathered around for a bible teaching and craft. DSC_0133DSC_0139

We shared the salvation story by using colors. Green is for creation. Black is for sin and death. Red is for the blood of Jesus. White is for a new heart and light.  Yellow is for heaven and the streets of gold. Blue is for the water of baptism. I had previously prepared a craft for the children. We cut circles from construction paper and then cut pieces to glue onto the circles. Each piece corresponded with a color of the teaching so when the craft was completed one side of the circle was green, yellow, and blue and the other side was black, red, and white. KB and I had fun preparing the craft and the children really enjoyed gluing the pieces together.  It was special for them to make something to be able to take along home. We served them a snack of popcorn and g-nuts (basically the same as a peanut. They call them ground nuts here so ‘g-nuts’ for short.) Some were filling their pockets with food. When I asked what they were doing they said they are taking it back home to give to their mother/father/brother/sister…I thought it was so sweet of them to think about sharing their special snack. We all gave hugs and I watched as they walked back down to their village. DSC_0143

Back in the states my life was to love and taking care of children. It’s my passion or you could say my gift. When we knew that God was calling us to serve Him in Africa my heart instantly fell in love with all the children here, even before I met them. The first week we moved here to  I was sitting on our front porch crying and asking God why we were not living in town where the children were, why did He call us to move out in the bush 3 hours away from town? At that very moment I looked around me and seeing a village just down over the mountain I saw many little things running around. Getting the binoculars and seeing what they were I saw MANY children running and playing. It was then that I heard God say “Here are your children”. In my heart I was overjoyed but at the same time nervous, how does a white woman walk into a village and communicate enough to let the people know I am here to love these children and show them Jesus. I have been praying for an open door and perfect timing to go down to the village. God answered my prayers and has opened many doors. I love going down to the village!!! Not only do I enjoy laughing and playing with the children, I also enjoy meeting their parents (or relatives if they have no parents). I have always been welcomed with open arms when they see me coming. We are praying about starting a Sunday school for the village children. Please also be praying for God’s timing in that area! I know God has big plans for those beautiful people in this little fishing village. I love living here and I know this is where God has us for such a time as this to love these beautiful people of Uganda!! For those of you helping or wanting to help with our Christmas shoe project, these are the children we are blessing with a NEW pair of shoes for Christmas. I so cannot wait to surprise them and see their eyes and smiles light up like the sun!!! DSC_0151