Back in the States

Hello Friends,

We’ve safely arrived back in the states. We flew in Wednesday, April 30. Our flights went well except the flight from Chicago to Rochester was cancelled due to weather. We spent the night at a hotel in Chicago and finished our flight the next day. The first week was spent in New York with KB’s family. We spent a lot of time playing games and just visiting with our parents and his sister’s family. It was great to see everyone at Thursday night study and again on Sunday morning at church. They started 2 services on Sunday mornings so we stayed for both to meet everyone that we could.


On Monday, May 5, we traveled to Lock Haven PA to spend a week with Angela’s family. A good part of the week was spent getting ready for a wedding. Angela’s brother Josh got married on Saturday. We also had a good time visiting and catching up on each other’s lives. We got to see our little niece, Savannah Rose. She continues to be in intensive care, after being born about 3 months early. Tomorrow morning she is scheduled for a surgery so keep her in prayer for that and the next weeks as they monitor her response and the progress she is making. We hope that when we return in June she will be at home!


This morning we will leave for a two and a half week road trip. As you remember us, please keep us in prayer as we travel and also pray that we would meet people who would be willing/led to partner with us in the ministry there in Uganda. We will be traveling to Michigan first and presenting a program there tonight. Tomorrow we will travel to Wisconsin and spend a couple days there with a friend that we met there in Uganda. On Thursday we will travel the rest of the way to SD where we will be spending about a week. The first part will be with Kristen Cutler- another contact that was made while in Uganda. She was there short term and after returning and sharing about her experience there, she has stirred up all her friends and family for the work there! Next Monday, May 19, we will travel to Belle Fourche to New Hope Uganda Ministries headquarters and meet Gary Wood and his wife. They do so much for all of the missionaries there. We are excited about finally getting to meet them. May 21 and 22 will be spent in Dickinson ND with the EBC group. The church sent a work team to Musana Camp in February so it will be good to get to meet them all again. And then Friday, May 23 we will travel to Fessenden and spend a few days with old friends. Jeremy and Renee Morris moved there from our church in western NY and started a church there. It will be exciting to catch up with them again also. At one point we thought God may have been leading us to join them in ND but the door never opened. Finally, on our return trip, we will make a brief stop in Minnesota and meet some friends that we met for the first time in Uganda. We plan to be back in NY on Thursday, May 29, and be giving a presentation at our home church there that night.


After returning from the trip, the rest of our time here in the states will be spent here and there, doing various things with friends and family. A weekend with Angela’s family at a cabin, some time with KB’s family in SC, a friend’s wedding in PA, and so on. Thanks to everyone who contributed toward the purchase of a new computer, I have a new one ordered and am patiently awaiting it’s delivery. A BIG thank you too to someone who is generously lending us her car to use for the trip that we are taking to ND. We put a post on Facebook mentioning the need and this person responded. She reminded me of the widow that Jesus speaks of who gave her last mite. This is not an extra car, it’s the car she uses every day to get to work. When we asked her what she is going to use she said, “God will provide”. She said God was prompting her to give and it’s not for her to question the details. God will take care of everything! What a testimony of trust and faith!!


As God brings us to mind, pray for us and our time here in the states. One of the big reasons for spending an extended period of time here is to do some more fundraising. We will be focusing on raising funds for having a house built for us to live in there at Musana Camp. Our goal will be about $50,000. This will also include a small workshop for KB to keep tools and such things in. If God is prompting you to partner with us in this way, contributions can be made here at the blog through New Hope Uganda Ministries. Another thing we will be raising funds for is a building that would be used for Sunday school. It will be an open pavilion style building. We will also need to build tables and benches then as well. The total amount needed for this will be around $12,000. Anyone contributing to this can designate it as such when the contribution is made.


Thanks again everyone for your interest and support in God’s ministry there in Uganda. We are blessed and privileged to be used by Him in this way. We look forward to meeting a lot of you while we are here in the states. Thank you in advance for your partnership with us in the ministry. We are blessed!