a glimps of my day and my heart

Today was again one of those days when my heart breaks for the orphans. I cry out for these children that need a mom and dad these children that want attention and want to be loved. I want to help them all but I try to remind myself I am only one person. Right now I can start with giving our five a home and continue to walk as God leads.

Kevin is in Entebbe at a pastor’s conference for a few days, I am in Kampala with 3 girlfriends that are here from our home church back in the states.

Today we went down to the baby home where our 5 children are. As I walked through the gates and up the steps to find the children I see our oldest boy standing out on the porch. I gave him a hug and kiss and told him how much I’ve missed him and love him. He looks past me, down the steps and says “where is daddy”? I told him daddy couldn’t come today but will come in a few days. He started crying – and as I wiped away his tears my heart hurt. This little boy that has been abandoned by his mom and doesn’t know his birth father is crying, because the only daddy he knows isn’t there. The rest of our children came running/crawling when they saw me. What amazing feelings to have these precious children shower me with kisses and say “mommy I love you”. We sang songs, talked about colors, counted and played together. What joy to see them smile and dance as they sing.

Meal times are crazy at the baby home – 45 children hungry and wanting to eat NOW!! After supper it’s time for baths and get ready for bed. I washed and changed the babies, sang to them, had snuggle time then put them in their cribs. My heart hurt again – will somebody be there for them during the night when they wake up crying. I want to be with them to wipe away their tears and kiss their chubby cheeks as I rock them to sleep. I hate leaving them there but soon and very soon I will get to be with them 24-7.

I then helped with our other 3 get their pjs on. Their skin is so smooth and soft and they smell so clean. I want to hold them and never let them go. As it was getting late and time for me to leave I told them I would be back tomorrow. Our oldest son says “daddy will come too, right?” Again my heart hurt – daddy isn’t coming to see them tomorrow. It will be a few days till conference is over. Our 2nd son starts to cry and it was at that moment when I turned to a life saver-a cell phone! Yes, we made a phone call to daddy. The 3 of them had so much fun taking turns talking to daddy. I cried as I watched their excitement, their eyes shining and big grins on their faces. They love their soon-to-be-daddy!

These are beautiful children that God brought into our lives to love and care for. Why did He choose us? What did we do to deserve this huge blessing of loving and being parents to these precious little people? I can’t imagine my life without them. I can’t wait for the day we walk hand in hand as a family through those orphanage gates and go HOME!! Please continue to pray for us and our soon to be children. Photos of them will be plastered all over this site once they are living with us. Trust me – you will fall in love with them!! To God be the Glory!