Monthly Archives: April 2014

Return to the States

To all our friends and family out there.... Looking forward to seeing at least some of you soon! After 8 months in Uganda we are returning for a short time. We would love to see everyone and share more with you about our ministry there. We will be doing some traveling- Michigan, Wisconsin, South and North Dakotas, Minnesota. Love to touch base with our Lancaster friends sometime. We have some needs that we would appreciate help with. We need to purchase another computer (ours was stolen in February)

Another week with God stories!

This week was amazing! Yes, not everything went perfect but to see God's hand working in so many areas brings a smile to my face. Why do we ever doubt or question? God tells us "take no thought for tomorrow". He already knows our/the future we are to take His hand and follow His leading. It's the little things ... It's God stories...Like these... •Holding a not even 2 day old naked baby boy that has no clothes. Then remembering someone blessed me with baby clothes to use as needed. That