Monthly Archives: December 2013

More Blessed To Give Then To Recieve!

  This week I have learned what the verse in Acts 20:35 "...It is more blessed to give then to recieve" really means!! We have a 16 year old girl Evelyn that comes and helps me with laundry, since it is all done by hand. She lives alone and works to pay for her schooling. One day while her and I were chatting over coffee we were talking about God and the Bible (she is saved) and she mentioned that she really wished she had a Bible. Right away in my mind I thought hmmm, a "Christmas gift".

Brown eyes, big smiles and sunshine!!

This past Wednesday here at Musana Camp we planned an outreach day for all the surrounding village children. We were told from our contacts to expect over 200 children to attend. When the time arrived for the children to show up there were none to be seen. So phone calls were made and we were all told that unfortunately because of school exams and finishing up school for the Christmas holiday, many children would not be coming now. Feeling disappointed and talking about rescheduling for a different