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Calvary Chapel East Africa pastor’s conference

This post was written on October 5. I just had an amazing four days with brothers from all across the globe!  You see, after attending Calvary/ Old Paths Chapel in Perry, NY for almost nine years, I had the opportunity of attending my first Calvary Chapel pastors conference. No, I'm not a pastor, but I rediscovered something that I already knew: as men we are ALL pastors over our own homes!  And I heard a challenging thought. If your Christianity was a poison, would it be enough to kill you?  And

a glimps of my day and my heart

Today was again one of those days when my heart breaks for the orphans. I cry out for these children that need a mom and dad these children that want attention and want to be loved. I want to help them all but I try to remind myself I am only one person. Right now I can start with giving our five a home and continue to walk as God leads. Kevin is in Entebbe at a pastor’s conference for a few days, I am in Kampala with 3 girlfriends that are here from our home church back in the states. Today