Monthly Archives: September 2013

Journey to our New Home!!

As the tires left the hard surface road, we had no idea what lay ahead.  We had been told that the journey to the camp was a long one but nothing actually prepared us for it.  As kilometer after kilometer ticked off, the only thing we saw was more red dirt and more trees and bush.  Part way there, our driver, who has spent a little over a year in Uganda, said “This is the furthest I’ve been into the bush!”  Comforting words for 2 people who were about to embark on their new journey into

We’re Here!!!

As we walked through the doors out of the secure area of the airport, these signs greeted us, plastered up against the glass.  Welcome Home!  This IS our home now for the next ____ years.  When we got off the plane, we were not just visiting but we are here for good now.  Still doesn't seem real.  Over the past 2 days we would say to each other, can you believe we're in Uganda?! So, it's home now.  We still haven't actually gone to our house where we are going to live.  We are spending

The BIG day!!!!

Well today is the big day!  Excited, nervous, anxious, excited, scared, a little torn, excited, ready, did I mention EXCITED!!!!!!!!!  Wow, doesn't hardly seem real.  We've flown before and stepped off the plane in Africa but this time it will be our home. We've had some people asking questions and wondering what exactly is going on so I thought I'd try to clear some things up.  We are patnering with an established ministry called New Hope Uganda.  They do a host of things there at 3 different