Monthly Archives: August 2013

Nine Years!!

 This week my wife and I are spending a couple of days in the 1000 Islands.  As we're sitting on the dock looking out over the water we can't help but think about Uganda and the lake that we will soon be looking out over there in Africa. We got a phone call today from someone we will be working with in Uganda.  We've never met the man yet but he so inspired us today.  He got us all fired up about Uganda!  He sent us some more info that we got a chance to look over- things specific to Musana

Our Last Visit

This week we're spending some time at Angela's parent's house.  They live in central PA near Williamsport.  If you follow baseball at all you know that Williamsport hosts the Little League World Series every year and it happens to be going on right now.  There are 16 teams that come here from all around the world.  Sixteen out of 7000 that try.  There is one team there from Australia- nearly 11,000 miles away! In a little over 2 weeks we will be taking a trip that is a little over 7,000 miles. 

Moving Day!!

What a bittersweet day!  We officially moved out of our house August 15 and watched the new owners moving in.  Wow- memories.  Everywhere we looked so many good memories.  And memories that will be forgotten as the new owners begin their journey.  They will have no recollection of the tiny lake cottage that once stood where their house stands today.  Tears.  looking back at the sweat put into the place as we did lots of the work ourselves. But we rejoice because God is moving us on.