Update….. finally!

Hello again friends! Where has the summer gone? It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 months since our visit to the states and our return to Uganda.

After a week or so to settle in, we jumped right back into life here at camp. The ladies had been busy making baskets while we were gone so we were met with many crafts soon after our return. It wasn’t long until our “pile” grew and we are still trying to catch up in finding buyers for them all. Just recently we were able to send some more back to the states so if you are interested check out ourfacebook page: www.facebook.com/wovenhearts14 for photos and find out how you can purchase one for yourself. The products are beautiful- excellent Christmas gifts. Be sure to tell all your friends, family, neighbors, church
people, etc. Help support the Ugandan ladies in our community by purchasing some of their crafts.

Construction is going strong again here at the camp. While we were gone the kitchen was finished and is totally functional. What a huge blessing that has been! There are 5 woodburning stoves and plenty of counterspace. An outdoor dishwashing area as well as 2 sinks in the food prep area. The storeroom has plenty of shelving and a solar freezer. There are 4 large removable windows for serving groups. And we have been putting it to much use. We have had about 6 groups at the camp in the last 2 months or so making it a busy summer! There has been lots of landscaping work done at the campsite as well. Some new retaing walls have been built, grass planted, and stone sidewalks have been installed between buildings. What a huge transformation in just 5 months! A new latrine has been built closer to the dining hall and kitchen area as well. We have recently installed a hydro- electric generator at the kitchen
to assist with powering the campsite. It uses the overflow from the springwater system. A new house for some of our guards is under construction and almost complete. This is the first house on site for our guards. Hopefully more will follow shortly as funds are raised.

DSC_0648And the most recent construction… the beginning of our house!! We are excited to be starting it and continuing to pray that the Lord will provide the funding to complete it. As of now, the foundation walls are almost complete and construction on the columns and beams will be starting next week. A new chicken pen has already been constructed at our new compound- yes, we are chicken farmers now! We have 6 now- 3 of them were given to us as gifts, 1 was purchased, and I’m not sure if the other 2 belong to us or the Jackson’s but they are in our pen.

Angela has started teaching Stella (read our July post) school/english everyday. She has never gone to school before so it is a struggle for her at times to remember what she is learning and stay focused. They both enjoy spending time together and can be found not only doing school but also baking cookies or anything else that is building the relationship between them.

We just recently celebrated Independence Day here in Uganda on October 9. That meant the annual Musana Cup Football Tournament. This year we had 6 teams participate. Congratulations to Nalumuli for capturing the cup! Musana came in third place. What a great day of fun and food! The day came to an end with a great supper of beef, rice, matooke, irish, cabbage, gnut, and cake for dessert. Thank you to Joyce and Sarah for the wonderful meal.

Sunday school seems to be ever- expanding with anywhere from 50-80 children, which is a blessing! We brought back a flannel graph set that was given to us from KB’s family. It has been a great tool to use for
teaching the children. We have also split the classes into 2 seperate age groups. Having two classes has been working well but sometimes makes it challenging to find teachers and translators. We are still praying that God would provide funding for a pavilion that would serve as a Sunday school room/ game shelter. If you or your church would be interested in contributing to that please let us know.

We also just recently added a new pet to our family. Can you guess what it is…? Well, if you live in Africa where there are monkeys running all around you just can’t help but want one. After Angela made it known to some of the staff here that she would love a baby monkey. She was surprised one day when one of the workers caught one at the beach. We are teaching her to have good manners and be friendly with everyone. Can’t help but to be falling in love with Delilah and it’s fun to watch her do crazy things that monkeys do.DSC_0641

Thanks again to everyone for your prayer and financial support! God bless you as you labor for Him wherever you are.