Our Last Visit

This week we’re spending some time at Angela’s parent’s house.  They live in central PA near Williamsport.  If you follow baseball at all you know that Williamsport hosts the Little League World Series every year and it happens to be going on right now.  There are 16 teams that come here from all around the world.  Sixteen out of 7000 that try.  There is one team there from Australia- nearly 11,000 miles away!

In a little over 2 weeks we will be taking a trip that is a little over 7,000 miles.  That’s the distance from New York to Uganda.  Seven thousand miles is a long way- that’s about 15 hours on a plane.  Someone asked me the other day at church if I’ve ever done that before.  I said I had but I’ve never gotten off the plane and said this is my home now!

Speaking of “home” we’ve gotten a few pictures of our new home.

We’re very excited about the move but meanwhile we’re soaking up some family time with everyone.  We took family pictures on Sunday afternoon when we arrived.  It’s hard to believe that we won’t physically see our family whenever we want.  But pictures are a great thing.  We’ll be thankful for that.

Family is something we take for granted a lot of times.  When we step off the plane in Uganda we’ll be entering a country that has lots of orphans and broken families.  Our trip in January included many visits to an orphanage where we met a sibling group of 5 children.  Most native families that do adopt would have a hard time supporting 5 children and they will not split up families.  God laid it on our hearts to give these 5 siblings a home so we are excited about pursuing that when we get there.  Keep it in your prayers for us as we pursue God’s plan for our lives there in Uganda.