Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hello Friends

Just a quick post everyone. As you know our computer was stolen a couple weeks ago. Some suspicious activity was brought to our attention by a friend. They received a suspicious email alert regarding a new post. I don't believe it could come through the blog because you need to login with a username and password to do anything. However our email had many contacts saved and some of you would have been in our email contacts also. If you receive anything with a link to something odd, don't open it.

Trusting God Even When It Hurts

What can I say? What can I do? This is not how it was supposed to happen. This is not how I wanted my prayers to be answered. I can't see my -eyes are blurred with tears. I can't talk- there is a lump in my throat. My heart, emotions and mind are all twisted together. Please tell me I'm dreaming... It was January 2013 when we first came to Uganda. While serving at an orphanage God brought a sibling set of five into our lives that lived at the orphanage. Their mother abandoned them and

Prayer Request

Hi everyone, I'm posting this on behalf of Kevin & Angelia They are asking for prayer ... I was just told that yesterday while shopping, someone broke into Kevin & Angela's vehicle and stole their computer, a friends computer as well as a few other items. They are ok, but are concerned about the computer since it had ALL of their information on it and was their main way of communicating with everyone here. Here is what they were able to post on Facebook today ... Please pray!!! Our vehicle