Sunrise in Uganda ...

Serving The Least Of These - Uganda
Kevin & Angela Blank

Hello Friends! Welcome to our Blog. Our names are Kevin and Angela Blank. We have been married for almost 9 years and we thank God for bringing us together. The Lord has been showing us that we will be going to a mission somewhere a few years ago. He has made it clear to us recently that He is calling us to East Africa, Uganda to work with Orphans. While in Uganda, we will be partnering with a ministry called "New Hope Uganda" and we will be working at Musana Camps.
We have experienced heartaches and good times together in the last 9 years and through it all God has proved Himself to be so ever faithful and we can't imagine living our lives without Him leading us through this life on earth. Read More

Needs list!

Hello friends! We again want to praise God for providing funding for our house.....  Now we are needing to furnish it. For the past year and nine months we haven't had a fridge or freezer of our own- instead, we have been using a Coleman cooler and freezing ice blocks in the neighbors freezer!  With moving into our own house we will now have our own solar system and appliances. With the only power being solar, the fridge and freezer need to be specifically made for solar power. They are very

Just an update!

Hello Friends! Once again it is way past time for an update. Life here seems to go fast and before we know it months have gone past leaving you with no updates. Some of you may wonder at times if we are still alive, while others might not even remember who we are...just kidding ???? We do appreciate each of you back "home" supporting us and lifting us up in prayer. So now for some updates.... We have finished our 5 months of training the end of May (most of you were aware that we were attending

The Journey of Transformation

God has been revealing things to me about my life as I’ve been sitting through these classes the last 3 weeks. Yes, it’s been 3 weeks already! In some ways it seems so long ago that we left Musana Camp. And yet in looking back over these 3 weeks, time has moved rather quickly. As much as I try not to look at the physical limitations of time, that is how I as a human being measure my very existence. How I long for the day when time will be no more! But even thinking of that, I can hardly wrap

Week in Review

It's been a little over a week now since we relocated. Last Friday we made the trip from our home at Musana Camp to a new place- Kasana Children's Center.  Kasana is New Hope's original location, near Luwero.   Every missionary who joins New Hope goes through a 5 month training program at some point. It is called Institute of Childcare and Family. So from now until the end of May we are doing this training. We are staying in a house that is empty while the family is in the states on

Our Newest Addition!!

Where do I start? I have been wanting to update our blog a while ago but so much has been happening these last few weeks and days. It’s hard for me to put into words the feelings and the emotion of my heart. There are updates and prayer requests that we do want you to know about, so here it goes…. Back in July I wrote a blog about a young girl named Stella. Some of you may have read that and have been praying for her. Thank you! For the last few months she has been coming to our home every